The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Planner

Your Step by Step Process

In college, I was woefully unorganized and faced a dilemma.  I could learn how to plan and organize my life or not return to my college position in the fall.  Through research along with trial and error I found a planner and developed a system that worked for me.  But life changed and I began a job and graduate school. After this transition I realized my planner no longer worked for me.  Can you relate?

So again I researched and found another planner that fit my new needs.  Time moved on and I became an emergency manager (disaster planning & response) then a wife and mom. My planner could not handle the new roles in my life so I began my research AGAIN.

We are guaranteed life will change, so don't feel bad if your planner is no longer working for you. There are so many planners available yet it is harder than ever to decide.

You can learn from my time tested process of choosing a planner while saving yourself frustration and potentially purchasing multiple planners that do not work. 

What is in this ebook? Over 40 pages and 9 chapters covering the decisions you need to make in choosing a planner.

1.  Introduction: Why Use a Planner

2. Appointments and Tasks

3. Your Planner Layout

4. Length of Your Planner

5. Planner Sizes

6. Preprinted, Digital or Bullet

7. Planner Binding

8. Bonus Chapter: Aesthetic and Design

9. Decision Time

BONUS: Planning Preference Worksheet

BONUS: Unique and Noteworthy Planners (list of over 70 different planners including their layouts, sizes, binding, price and more)

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    Read the ebook and complete the Planning Preference Worksheet

    Read through each chapter of the eBook and answer the tailored questions on the Planning Preference Worksheet.

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    Wrap it all up

    After completing the guide, use the Decision Time Sheet in Chapter 9 to give you a planner snapshot. You will know your planner's layout, binding, length, style and more.

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    Shopping Time

    Using the resources listed in Chapter 9 to select and purchase the planner you have been waiting for.

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    Your handwork has paid off! Now you have a planner that fits your needs.

Kristal Lee

Christina’s knowledge of the different types and formats is mind-blowing. Many I never heard of. I really enjoyed it. I think it will be helpful for newbie planners.

Kristal Lee

I love the book! It’s very helpful and presents great information in one place. The pictures were extremely helpful. I wish I had it before I bought my planner. Finding the right planner does not have to be overwhelming! After reading this book, not only did I redo pages in my first planner, I’m ready to buy a second one for my business! 

Kimberly Vogel: Encouraging Families - Helping Struggling Learners

A snapshot from Chapter 3, Your Planner's Layout.

In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Your Planner "Why"

    Discover your Planner “why” for using a planner, so you choose the right one.

  • Aesthetic & Design Style

    Discover the planner aesthetic and design style that fits you the best.

  • Appointment & Task Preferences

    Learn which type of appointment calendar and task layout that works best for your mind. Having the wrong setup can cause #plannerfail.

  • Planner Layout

    Learn which planner layout is the best for you.

  • Binding Options

    Bound, sewn, wired, coiled, disc and ring bound. So many choices! Through the guided process, you will be able to choose the best planner binding for your needs.

  • Time Period

    Learn about the multiple options you have for your planner (it is not only 12 and 18 months).

You have a lot resting on your shoulders with many tasks to track and complete every day such as scheduling appointments, shopping lists, work projects, and kid's sport schedules. Being unorganized can be embarrassing and cause bigger problems at home or with your work.

Yet you do not have the time to research the hundreds of planners then compare and contrast your options. Instead, use this guide as a step by step process to navigate the planner world.

Take the guess work out of choosing your planner.

"You have more choices and options in planners than ever before. The problem is choosing the right one.  I have taken the guess work out of the process so you can find the RIGHT planner."

Christina Muller

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